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29 juin

Concert « à la lumière des chandelles »



31 juillet

Concert « à la lumière des chandelles »


About the Sylf (chamber orchestra)

Since its creation in 2010, the Sylf ensemble, composed of 13 musicians from best international conservatories, has established itself as the reference chamber orchestra in the region of Lyon. As its musicians play standing up and without conductor, this chamber orchestra stands out with a strong team spirit at the service of artistic excellence.

The Sylf is a unique formation in France thanks to the original form of his concerts, to his variable geometry in the field of chamber music, to his work of decompartmentalisation about the repertoires and also to the particular involvement of the musicians composing the ensemble.

Far away from the elitist prejudices whose classical music is sometimes connoted, the Sylf revives the contact between the timeless works and the public. Its love for all types of music allows it to propose a vast repertoire, that ranges from the baroque style to the French contemporary song.

This chamber orchestra is regularly invited and participates in many concerts.

The ensemble has already performed in many festivals in France and abroad, with just over 130 concerts since its creation.

The quality and originality of its program “Mozart à Paris”, created in July 2012 for the Festival “l’Estivale de La Bâtie”, allowed to the Sylf to be invited for the prestigious Mozart Festival in Schwetzingen in September 2013. In 2014 the ensemble was chosen to create at the Cathedral of the Invalides in Paris a Requiem composed by Pascal Descamps.

In April 2012, the ensemble also recorded its first album devoted to the romantic string repertoire (Grieg, Elgar) in the priory of Pommiers-en-Forez.

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17 mars 2015

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